VIMINI (2023)

VIMINI project tackles the issue of overproduction of fruits and vegetables at the household level, acting as an enabler of contact between people that have the possibility and the willingness to grow these products, people that appreciate locally grown food, and charity organizations within the same local community.

During the implementation phases, we discovered that there exists a connection between sharing food locally and the perceived sense of community, and we came across people’s willingness to reconcile to earth with the survey we published.

This connection with the earth needs to be promoted as well, through on-top app features such as educational material and in-presence events, in order to support an inclusive hobby, as gardening is. Such as wicker (in Italian “vimini”) comes from intertwined branches of willow trees, VIMINI project is meant to intertwine people on the grounds of the fruits of the soil, and all the sustainable VIMINI communities will create a masterpiece in the Country.


MoonLight is a mobile application developed to create communities that support each other to create a sense of safety for women during certain activities during different portions of the day.
We believe that we all have the right to feel safe no matter what our gender is, no matter what the situation is. The core feature of MoonLight is the “Lifeline” button: this will work as same as notifying local authorities, but also will notify other people who are nearby and also have the application. The data that is acquired will help in the creation of a safer environment, because they will be used to provide the safest paths to walk through in order to reach any destination. Our aim is also making the streets that are considered unsafe safer by providing street safety data to corresponding governments. MoonLight will also support individuals and local businesses who wants to provide services and arrange activities whose safety will be scored by our app. Furthermore, it will be able to support individuals who would like to know where their loved ones are and concerned about their loved ones’ safety by enabling mutual tracking. MoonLight will shine brighter with every individual that uses it, and we strongly believe that it is going to be able to change the safety in the streets for the better!

PARIMENTI 2.0 (2022)

Parimenti 2.0, is an employment integration project with the goal of giving people with disabilities more opportunities to enter the labor market, with a focus on mental disabilities. In fact, people with disabilities have more difficulty entering the job market than those without disabilities. In Veneto specifically, there are 23,497 people with disabilities who are ready to work; on the other hand, there are 14,125 unfilled positions in companies that, by law, would be guaranteed for people with disabilities.
Our solution will be a platform like “Linkedin” but only for people with mental disabilities so that they too can enjoy the same benefits and visibility as people without disabilities. Most importantly, they can thus demonstrate through their CVs and experiences that they are well able to work. One of the added values of the platform is to have CVs curated by professional figures: the goal is to create more human and personalized CVs. There will also be a section of references from mentors, employers or other figures. This way recruiters can get a more real and less stereotypical idea of people with mental disabilities, each of whom has a story, skills, and passions behind them, as does everyone.


The name of the project is a reference to the “boiling frog syndrome”, a metaphor used to describe the inability to act against a problematic situation until it slowly reaches catastrophic proportions. In this case, the environmental crisis is the boiling water and We are the green creatures enjoying the slow ride towards the disaster. We provide to people with different backgrounds accessible and digestible information on how to reduce their GHG emissions while building a community of like-minded people who can help each other learn and grow. We make partnerships with businesses that meet specific standards on sustainability, giving customers a list of places they can trust.


Italian adverb meaning “equally”, but also two separate words meaning “equal minds”. We believe in the equality of talents, abilities and opportunities between international and Italian students. We offer mentorship program with a people-centered process of guidance, where experienced mentors from various professional backgrounds assist the mentees along the path to career success through encouragement, networking and skills’ development, mentor-mentee pairing up based on common interests, educational background, career goals and availability, one-to-one mentoring sessions, tailored career development plan, developed to maximize the returns for both mentors and mentees, creation of an international students’ community for exchange of experiences, opportunities and ideas, provision of both soft & hard skills development courses, and of CV tailoring workshops, access to exclusive networking events where international students shall meet with different professionals and potential employers.

HAXPERT (2020)

Online platform for sharing knowledge and learning – different levels of experience to choose from, tailor-made lessons, prices for every budget.
With the Haxpert project, Enactus Padova took part in the 2020 edition of the National Competition Enactus of the various Italian Universities, qualifying as the “most innovative project”.
Haxpert is an idea started by the 5 people of the Enactus team in April 2020, during the quarantine from the CoViD pandemic. They thought that when one is forced to stay indoors, sometimes one does not have the opportunity to continue to pursue one’s interests. At the same time, taking lessons from professionals can be expensive. Haxpert connects people who want to share, exchange, make something available to the community. Experts share their knowledge at affordable and customizable prices according to needs and level of detail. The users are all those who want to learn, but also to create connections with someone who has the same passions as they do.